Fashion Magazine CB v4
food shadows hdr
Graphics Card Error
Efecto Oliveras
Cloudy Morning Soft Light
Contrast Dream 0EV
B&W with a twist (more shapen) v. 1.0
Canon EOS 650D
Chocolate Shadows
Black and White Drama
Aerial Emerald
Aerial Emerald
00001 - Creamy Portrait
Black-and-White-Lessinia - rossomoto
Sunny Woodland Morning - dl
Cloudy Morning Soft Light - dl
Graphics Card Error
Graphics Card Error - leography
lighter fix
lighter fix - Bo Pluys
ReveladoBaseM10 - GBombadil
Chocolate Shadows - darktable-fr
The 300 Look - Strong - darktable-fr
The Richard Avadon Effect - VIC ROMÁN
Impossible Third Man Records attempt - VIC ROMÁN
Point-sellier - Tithouan
Ilford Delta 100
Aerial Emerald
Aerial Emerald
Ilford Delta 100
00001 - Creamy Portrait - Le Pixtolero
00001 - Creamy Portrait
Ilford Delta 100 - Aurélien PIERRE
Canon EOS 650D
Nikon D5300 - Default
Nikon D5300 - Default - Aurélien Pierre
Jiero_Bright_Crystal_CHECK - archl
warm portrait
warm portrait - Sergio Moreno
Black and White Drama - Valerio Orlandini
EOS60D - Ger Siemerink
Efecto Oliveras - Juan Luis Fernández Gallo
IR_Conversion - Scott Quier
Fashion Magazine CB v4 - Rodnei Reis
Warm B&W Film - Pascal de Bruijn
datachrome64 - Pascal de Bruijn
comic - Jaime Juan Suarez
B&W with a twist (more shapen) v. 1.0 - Francisco Cribari
Contrast Dream 0EV - Rodnei Reis
2011-03-20-v2-BW-from-ISO-1600-with-low-contrast-between-subject-and-background-cropping-grain - Leeloop