Rodnei Reis - Rodachrome D
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Natural
Foto Antigua
Base Line
Air - Merlin Dionisio
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Vintage_2 - Norman Schülke
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Monotone_red - Norman Schülke
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Monotone_green - Norman Schülke
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Vivid - Norman Schülke
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Portrait - Norman Schülke
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Natural - Norman Schülke
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Muted - Norman Schülke
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Muted
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Portrait
ILCE-7RM3_ISO100_s200_JPG - Bogdan Hlevca
Northern Landscape
Northern Landscape
k27 - Mr.Ed
Moriyama 1
Base Line - Antoine Lambert
Landscape Valley Filter - MyGimpTutorialChannel
Landscape Valley Filter
Cliched-IG - qrpyna
Bobby - aina_m_film
0 - Meu Ektar 100
Cloudy outdoor warmify - Peter Bojtos
"The 300" Look
Greens - qrpyna
Black and White from Color Photo (Darktable 2.7 dev)
60s image - Martin Straeten
60s image
Canon|M6 PStudio - Martin Straeten
Canon|5DmIV PStudio - Martin Straeten
Canon|M6 Neutral - Martin Straeten
Canon|5DmIV Neutral - Martin Straeten
Canon|M6 Standard - Martin Straeten
Canon|5DmIV Standard - Martin Straeten
Canon|5DmIV Monochrome - Martin Straeten
Luma-masked USM
Luma Masked USM
01 - Faded tones v4 - ISO600
Oll_Yell - ollnasci
Wedding Glow
D80 Emulation v1.2 - Michael Demetriou
Cinematic-Light - LL
Cinematic-LightVignette - LL
Christian Schulze-Portrait
Efecto Oliveras
Efecto Oliveras
Washed Out
Color boost - Jilles van Gurp
Vintage pop cielos azules 1.1
N&B base mod + orton 25% - Thierry Chabot
Christian Schulze-Landscape Slide Film - Christian Schulze
Christian Schulze-Landscape Sunny Day Pop - Christian Schulze
Christian Schulze-Landscape Pop - Christian Schulze
Christian Schulze-Desaturated Portrait - Christian Schulze
film emulation: Polaroid 690 -
Fuji XTrans III - Acros - gRuGo
Fuji XTrans III - Acros
Octave Sharpening
Octave Sharpening - gRuGo
andastyle v2 - Kees Guequierre
Faded Thrones
Masashi Wakui Look
Lomo's Effect
HDR pessoa Fortaleza - Marcondes Oliveira
film emulation: Fuji xtrans ii velvia v2
film emulation: Fuji xtrans ii provia v2
film emulation: Fuji xtrans ii pro neg std v2
film emulation: Fuji xtrans ii pro neg hi v2
film emulation: Fuji xtrans ii classic chrome v1
film emulation: Fuji xtrans ii velvia v2
Denoise - profiled
Denoise - profiled
0 - Meu Ektar 100
Fuji XTrans III - Acros
The Ultimate Fighter
Wedding Fairy Tale
Wedding Glow
BNW hardness - mrt89
Retouching Dream - MyGimpTutorialChannel
Washed Out - TiZa
Washed Out
Agfapan 400
Dark Minds - TiZa
Michaels Vintage Effect - Michael from MyGimpTutorialChannel
04_NWAL_BW_Medium - Wanicophotos
Pseudo-deconvolution : 9 px - Aurélien Pierre
Pseudo-deconvolution : 7 px - Aurélien Pierre
Pseudo-deconvolution : 5 px - Aurélien Pierre
Purple golden hours - Mickaël Bailly
03_NWAL_BW_Strong - wanicophotos
03_BW_Light2 - wanicophotos
01_NWAL_Basics_settings - wanicophotos
Denoise - Aurélien Pierre
dunkel-kontrastreich - NP
Retro_00 - Roberto Abella
Mat ombres froides hautes chaudes - Mickaël Bailly
Vintage_BW - Roberto Abella
Strong_Pop_BW - Roberto Abella
HDR pop up Contrast & Textures v1.1 for Nikon
Strong_Pop - Roberto Abella
mn CLASS - alex hurt
Formatt Hitech ND0.9 Korrektur - Uploaded by Andrey Goreev; Originally seen in Robert Hutton's darktable tutorials on YouTube
Formatt Hitech ND0.9 Korrektur
Formatt Hitech ND0.9 Korrektur - Ulrich Pegelow
shittyHDR - dl
vintage_orange-teal - dl
shittyHDR - dl
pop! - dl
Canyons - dl
Dark and Moody - dl
pixtolero - Hawai Five-O - Strong - pixtolero
pixtolero - Hawai Five-O - Medium - pixtolero
pixtolero - Hawai Five-O - Light - pixtolero
D7100-Basecurve Landscape-6 - Kitgard (João M. Horta)
D7100-Basecurve Vivid 2.0 - Kitgard (João M. Horta)
D7100-Basecurve Standard - Kitgard (João M. Horta)
D7100-Basecurve Standard
Film - color with a twist v.1.0
Fashion Magazine CB v4
F-ish v1
food shadows hdr
Foto Antigua
Freaky Details
Graphics Card Error
Hand colored
Hdr 2
HDR Landscape Sunny Blue Sky for Nikon v2
Envellecida 1.1 Enfoque forte
Envellecido 1.1 Enfoque suave
Earlybird MOD Analog TV Edges
Faded tones v2
Fake HDR
Fake HDR Starter
Fake Technicolor 2 Strip
D7200 "vivid" basecurve
Deep Purple
Deep Yellow Brown
Dense B&W
Desaturado rojizo
Dramatic Tone
Earlybird 1.1
Efecto Oliveras
Efecto Orton 1.1
City In Flames
Cloudy Morning Soft Light
Cold Russian
Color Faded Film
Color Film 200
color vintage with a twist 1.0
Contrast Dream 0EV
Crisp warm
D7200 "flat" basecurve
D7200 "landscape" basecurve
B&W High Contrast
art color erosion
B&W High Contrast ISO400
B&W light sharp contrast
B&W Medium Contrast
B&W Medium Contrast
B&W noir v.1.0
B&W Platinotone sharp
B&W Soft Bright and Dark
B&W tuned v.1.0
B&W tuned v.1.1
B&W with a twist (less sharpen) v. 1.0
B&W with a twist (more shapen) v. 1.0
Canon EOS 650D
Chocolate Shadows
Architecture: dark contrast, edgy, faded, sharp
Baiser sympathique
Black and White Drama
Bland Yellow Push
B&N radical 1.1
B&W Extreme Contrast
AGFA 200X ISO800
Aerial Emerald
Aerial Emerald
AGFA 200X ISO1600
AGFA 200X ISO 400
Agfapan 400
0001 - Mirco DW Hi-ISO
60s image
01 - Faded tones v4 - ISO600
Black-and-White-Lessinia - rossomoto
Cold Russian
Cold Russian
B&W High Contrast ISO400 - Rodnei Reis
contrast-neutral - Caspar Ström
Nikon_D3100_Brilliant - Norman Schülke
Nikon_D3100_Landscape - Norman Schülke
Nikon_D3100_Neutral - Norman Schülke
Nikon_D3100_Portrait - Norman Schülke
Nikon_D3100_Standard - Norman Schülke
Sunny Woodland Morning - dl
Old - Bruno de Souza Leão - Bruno de Souza Leão
Cloudy Morning Soft Light - dl
Fake HDR Starter - Rodnei Reis
Crisp warm -
Graphics Card Error
Graphics Card Error - leography
B&W tuned v.1.1
Color Faded Film - Luc More
B&W-Gritty - Luc More
Oly_PM_Muted - Norman Schülke
Oly_PM_Portrait - Norman Schülke
Oly_PM_Natural - Norman Schülke
oly_ooc_neutral 1.2
food shadows hdr - G.T. Photography
low light portrait - G.T. photography
EQ+Denoise+HotP - Matt Eastwood
NiiX's style #1 - Niixtek
HK monochrome 49 - johannes hanika after an iop draft by wolfgang mader
HK monochrome 24 - johannes hanika after an iop draft by wolfgang mader
t3mujin - Fuji Provia 400X - João Almeida
t3mujin - Fuji Provia 100F - João Almeida
t3mujin - Fuji Velvia 50 - João Almeida
t3mujin - Kodak Kodakchrome 25 - João Almeida
t3mujin - Kodak Kodakchrome 64 - João Almeida
t3mujin - Kodak Kodakchrome 200 - João Almeida
t3mujin - Kodak Portra 800 - João Almeida
t3mujin - Kodak Portra 400 - João Almeida
t3mujin - Kodak Portra 160 - João Almeida
t3mujin - Fuji Pro 800Z - João Almeida
t3mujin - Fuji Pro 400H - João Almeida
t3mujin - Fuji Pro 160C - João Almeida
t3mujin - Fuji 160C
lighter fix
lighter fix - Bo Pluys
ReveladoBaseM10 - GBombadil
Lomo's Effect - darktable-fr
Chocolate Shadows - darktable-fr
The 300 Look - Strong - darktable-fr
The 300 Look - Soft - darktable-fr
HDR Look - Strong - darktable-fr
HDR Look - Medium - darktable-fr
HDR Look - Light - darktable-fr
Bland Yellow Push - darktable-fr
Wedding Day - darktable-fr
The Richard Avadon Effect - VIC ROMÁN
Impossible Third Man Records attempt - VIC ROMÁN
Desaturado rojizo
Desaturado rojizo - Juan Luis Fernández Gallo
Fani - matijakolaric
Red Max Payne Effect - darktable-fr
Vintage - darktable-fr
The20s - darktable-fr
Point-sellier - Tithouan
Ilford Delta 100
Aerial Emerald
Aerial Emerald
Retro elliptic gradient frame
Ilford Delta 100
00001 - Creamy Portrait - Le Pixtolero
00001 - Creamy Portrait
Ilford Delta 100 - Aurélien PIERRE
Hdr 2 - 2112
Hdr 2 - 2112
B&W Extreme Contrast - wilcox
Canon EOS 650D
B&W Medium Contrast
Sin City Look - Le Pixtolero
Red Selective - Le Pixtolero
"The 300" Look - LePixtolero
D7200 "vivid" basecurve
D7200 "vivid" basecurve
D7200 "vivid" basecurve
D7200 "landscape" basecurve
D7200 "flat" basecurve
Industrial Effects - Colour and Light
60s image
00001 - Creamy Portrait - Joe Giampaoli
Industrial Effects - Shadow and Light - AliciaTransmuted Art and Photography
Industrial Effects - Darkness and Light - AliciaTransmuted Art and Photography
Industrial Effects - Colour and Light - AliciaTransmuted Art and Photography
Industrial Effects - Colour and Light
Nikon D5300 - Default
Nikon D5300 - Default - Aurélien Pierre
Deep Yellow Brown - by LePixtolero
AndabataStyle - Kees Guequierre
Orient Express - Le Pixtolero
Clarity - AliciaTransmuted Art and Photography
Dexter - Le Pixtolero
Infected - Le Pixtolero
City In Flames - by Le Pixtolero
Fake HDR - Le Pixtolero
Bland Yellow Push v1.0 - Le Pixtolero
art color erosion
Ilford Delta 100
Ilford Delta 400
Ilford PAN 400 - Piotr Hajduga (
Jiero_Bright_Crystal_CHECK - archl
SkinRetouch - Benja1972
Recover an overexposed image and tone it down - AliciaTransmuted Art and Photography
B&W light sharp contrast - AliciaTransmuted Art and Photography
warm portrait
Architecture: dark contrast, edgy, faded, sharp - AliciaTransmuted Art and Photography.
Baiser sympathique - loic.v
warm portrait - Sergio Moreno
Slightly vintage v.1.0 - Francisco Cribari
B&W noir v.1.0 - Francisco Cribari
Fake Technicolor 2 Strip - srg0
Deep Purple - srg0
Traitement croisé#2
0001 - Mirco DW Hi-ISO - Rodnei Reis
Shanghai - Felix Cobos
Hong Kong - Felix Cobos
Vintage Warm - Felix Cobos
Smooth B&W - Felix Cobos
Black and White Drama - Valerio Orlandini
Hollywood_Blockbuster - Kyle Clements
F-ish v1 - Marco Bonomo
color vintage with a twist 1.0 - Francisco Cribari
Film - color with a twist v.1.0 - Francisco Cribari
B&W tuned v.1.1 - Francisco Cribari
B&W tuned v.1.0 - Francisco Cribari
EOS60D - Ger Siemerink
Efecto Oliveras - Juan Luis Fernández Gallo
Redish - Juan Luis Fernández Gallo
Top Gear - Juan Luis Fernández Gallo
Freaky Details - Juan Luis Fernández Gallo
Color Film 200 - Pascal de Bruijn
B&W Soft Bright and Dark - José Carlos Casimiro
Rodachrome D - Rodnei Reis
Rodachrome S - Rodnei Reis
01 - Faded tones v4 - ISO600 - Rodnei Reis
Sharpen EQ-HP v2 - Rodnei Reis
LAB Saturation mod v1 - Rodnei Reis
Faded tones v2 - Rodnei Reis
base-xz1-normal - junkyardsparkle
HDR Landscape Sunny Blue Sky for Nikon v2 - Rodnei Reis
HDR Landscape Sunny Blue Sky - Nikkon - Rodnei Reis
IR_Conversion - Scott Quier
Dense B&W - Mauro Bartoccelli
Shard_DarkWash_v3 - Shard
Pastel Low Contrast v.3 - Rodnei Reis
Pastel Low Contrast v2 - Rodnei Reis
Sapphier Blau - Mirco Iseli
Mirco Klassisch - Mirco Iseli
Cyan-Sepia - Mirco Iseli
Blau-Orange - Mirco Iseli
Brown-Tan - Mirco Iseli
Daido - Mirco Iseli
Blau-Gelb - Mirco Iseli
Sepia - Mirco Iseli
Agfapan 400 - Mirco Iseli
Kodak Tri-X 400 - Mirco Iseli
lford Delta 100 - Mirco Iseli
Kodak T-Max 100 - Mirco Iseli
Ilford XP2 Super - Mirco Iseli
Ilford HP5 - Mirco Iseli
Ilford FP4 - Mirco Iseli
Ilford Delta 400 - Mirco Iseli
Ilford Delta 3200 - Mirco Iseli
AGFA 200X ISO800 - Mirco Iseli
AGFA 200X ISO1600 - Mirco Iseli
AGFA 200X ISO 400 - Mirco Iseli