D750_from_Skrip - Anton Tabarin (Skrip)
Summer Nature
The 300 Look - Strong
Cliched-IG - qrpyna
"The 300" Look
Greens - qrpyna
Oll_Yell - ollnasci
Wedding Glow
D80 Emulation v1.2 - Michael Demetriou
Washed Out
HDR pessoa Fortaleza - Marcondes Oliveira
The Ultimate Fighter
Wedding Fairy Tale
Wedding Glow
BNW hardness - mrt89
Washed Out - TiZa
Washed Out
Purple golden hours - Mickaël Bailly
Strong_Pop_BW - Roberto Abella
Strong_Pop - Roberto Abella
vintage_orange-teal - dl
Canyons - dl
pixtolero - Hawai Five-O - Strong - pixtolero
pixtolero - Hawai Five-O - Medium - pixtolero
pixtolero - Hawai Five-O - Light - pixtolero
D7100-Basecurve Standard
Film - color with a twist v.1.0
Fashion Magazine CB v4
food shadows hdr
Earlybird MOD Analog TV Edges
Fake HDR Starter
Desaturado rojizo
Dramatic Tone
Earlybird 1.1
City In Flames
Cloudy Morning Soft Light
Color Film 200
B&W noir v.1.0
B&W tuned v.1.0
B&W tuned v.1.1
Black and White Drama
Bland Yellow Push
Old - Bruno de Souza Leão - Bruno de Souza Leão
Cloudy Morning Soft Light - dl
Fake HDR Starter - Rodnei Reis
B&W tuned v.1.1
NiiX's style #1 - Niixtek
The 300 Look - Strong - darktable-fr
The 300 Look - Soft - darktable-fr
HDR Look - Strong - darktable-fr
HDR Look - Medium - darktable-fr
HDR Look - Light - darktable-fr
Bland Yellow Push - darktable-fr
Desaturado rojizo
Desaturado rojizo - Juan Luis Fernández Gallo
Red Max Payne Effect - darktable-fr
Vintage - darktable-fr
The20s - darktable-fr
Sin City Look - Le Pixtolero
Red Selective - Le Pixtolero
Industrial Effects - Colour and Light
Industrial Effects - Darkness and Light - AliciaTransmuted Art and Photography
Industrial Effects - Colour and Light - AliciaTransmuted Art and Photography
Industrial Effects - Colour and Light
Shanghai - Felix Cobos
Smooth B&W - Felix Cobos
Black and White Drama - Valerio Orlandini
Hollywood_Blockbuster - Kyle Clements
Film - color with a twist v.1.0 - Francisco Cribari
B&W tuned v.1.1 - Francisco Cribari
B&W tuned v.1.0 - Francisco Cribari
EOS60D - Ger Siemerink
Color Film 200 - Pascal de Bruijn
Rodachrome D - Rodnei Reis
Rodachrome S - Rodnei Reis
Fashion Magazine CB v4 - Rodnei Reis
Warm B&W Film - Pascal de Bruijn
Earlybird MOD Analog TV Edges - Rodnei Reis
Portrait Dream sharp 1.1 - Rodnei Reis
Dramatic Tone - José Carlos Casimiro
Mono Brown Portrait Smooth - Rodnei Reis
datachrome64 - Pascal de Bruijn
Earlybird 1.1 - Juan Luis Fernández Gallo
Proceso cruzado inverso 1.1 - Juan Luis Fernández Gallo