Filmic Natural (dt 3.0+)
Foresta-smooth - Timo Salola
Dark Tones|Moody Orangish - Ludovico Latini
Rosê - Juliano Barbosa
A7III-starting point - Tim Roach
Teal and Orange - Marcelo Gimenez
bw - Gianluca G.
Filmic Natural (dt 3.0+) - Alexander Rabtchevich (based on Aurélien Pierre recommendations)
Northern Landscape
Landscape Valley Filter
Black and White from Color Photo (Darktable 2.7 dev)
Oll_Yell - ollnasci
D80 Emulation v1.2 - Michael Demetriou
Masashi Wakui Look
0 - Meu Ektar 100
Washed Out
D7100-Basecurve Standard
Fake HDR Starter - Rodnei Reis
Crisp warm -
Red Max Payne Effect - darktable-fr
Hdr 2 - 2112
Industrial Effects - Darkness and Light - AliciaTransmuted Art and Photography
Industrial Effects - Colour and Light
F-ish v1 - Marco Bonomo