bw - Gianluca G.
Type polaroïd - Merline
Filmic Natural (dt 3.0+) - Alexander Rabtchevich (based on Aurélien Pierre recommendations)
D750_from_Skrip - Anton Tabarin (Skrip)
The Arcade - BlakeO
Vintage pop cielos azules 1.1 - nopol10
Summer Nature
ADreamy 3 - Alfons Khuiseb
ABeautydream1 - Alfons Khuiseb
AWedding 1 - Alfons Khuiseb
ADreamUC - Alfons Khuiseb
ABeautyPotrait - Alfons Khuiseb
Init-Pop w/Filmic, Amaze, Vibrance
Init-Pop w/Filmic, Amaze, Vibrance - Christian Schulze
Init-Portrait Pop with Filmic, Amaze, Split Toning - Christian Schulze
Init-Portrait with Amaze, Split Toning - Christian Schulze
The 300 Look - Strong
Init-Sunny Day Pop w/Bright Pastel Colors - Christian Schulze
Centre by night
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Natural
Foto Antigua
Air - Merlin Dionisio
Base Line
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Muted
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Muted - Norman Schülke
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Portrait
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Monotone_green - Norman Schülke
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Monotone_red - Norman Schülke
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Natural - Norman Schülke
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Portrait - Norman Schülke
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Vintage_2 - Norman Schülke
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Vivid - Norman Schülke
ILCE-7RM3_ISO100_s200_JPG - Bogdan Hlevca
k27 - Mr.Ed
Northern Landscape
Northern Landscape
Moriyama 1
Landscape Valley Filter
Landscape Valley Filter - MyGimpTutorialChannel
Base Line - Antoine Lambert
Bobby - aina_m_film
0 - Meu Ektar 100
Cliched-IG - qrpyna
"The 300" Look
Cloudy outdoor warmify - Peter Bojtos
Black and White from Color Photo (Darktable 2.7 dev)
Greens - qrpyna
60s image
60s image - Martin Straeten
Luma Masked USM
Luma-masked USM
Canon|M6 Neutral - Martin Straeten
Canon|M6 Standard - Martin Straeten
Canon|5DmIV Neutral - Martin Straeten
Canon|5DmIV Standard - Martin Straeten
Canon|M6 PStudio - Martin Straeten
Canon|5DmIV PStudio - Martin Straeten
Canon|5DmIV Monochrome - Martin Straeten
Oll_Yell - ollnasci
Wedding Glow
D80 Emulation v1.2 - Michael Demetriou
Cinematic-Light - LL
Cinematic-LightVignette - LL
Efecto Oliveras
Christian Schulze-Portrait
Efecto Oliveras
Color boost - Jilles van Gurp
Washed Out
N&B base mod + orton 25% - Thierry Chabot
Vintage pop cielos azules 1.1
Christian Schulze-Landscape Pop - Christian Schulze
Christian Schulze-Desaturated Portrait - Christian Schulze
Octave Sharpening
film emulation: Polaroid 690 -
Christian Schulze-Landscape Slide Film - Christian Schulze
Fuji XTrans III - Acros
Christian Schulze-Landscape Sunny Day Pop - Christian Schulze
Octave Sharpening - gRuGo
Fuji XTrans III - Acros - gRuGo
andastyle v2 - Kees Guequierre
Faded Thrones
Masashi Wakui Look
HDR pessoa Fortaleza - Marcondes Oliveira
film emulation: Fuji xtrans ii velvia v2
film emulation: Fuji xtrans ii pro neg hi v2
film emulation: Fuji xtrans ii provia v2
film emulation: Fuji xtrans ii pro neg std v2
film emulation: Fuji xtrans ii classic chrome v1
film emulation: Fuji xtrans ii velvia v2
Denoise - profiled
Denoise - profiled
0 - Meu Ektar 100
Fuji XTrans III - Acros
Wedding Glow
Retouching Dream - MyGimpTutorialChannel
Wedding Fairy Tale
Michaels Vintage Effect - Michael from MyGimpTutorialChannel
The Ultimate Fighter
BNW hardness - mrt89
Washed Out
Agfapan 400
Washed Out - TiZa
Pseudo-deconvolution : 7 px - Aurélien Pierre
Pseudo-deconvolution : 5 px - Aurélien Pierre
Dark Minds - TiZa
Pseudo-deconvolution : 9 px - Aurélien Pierre
mn CLASS - alex hurt
04_NWAL_BW_Medium - Wanicophotos
Mat ombres froides hautes chaudes - Mickaël Bailly
Lomo's Effect
dunkel-kontrastreich - NP
03_BW_Light2 - wanicophotos
01_NWAL_Basics_settings - wanicophotos
Purple golden hours - Mickaël Bailly
HDR pop up Contrast & Textures v1.1 for Nikon
Formatt Hitech ND0.9 Korrektur
Retro_00 - Roberto Abella
03_NWAL_BW_Strong - wanicophotos
Vintage_BW - Roberto Abella
Strong_Pop - Roberto Abella
Formatt Hitech ND0.9 Korrektur - Ulrich Pegelow
Strong_Pop_BW - Roberto Abella
Formatt Hitech ND0.9 Korrektur - Uploaded by Andrey Goreev; Originally seen in Robert Hutton's darktable tutorials on YouTube
Agfapan 400
D7200 "flat" basecurve
shittyHDR - dl
AGFA 200X ISO1600
AGFA 200X ISO 400
Denoise - Aurélien Pierre
AGFA 200X ISO800
D7100-Basecurve Standard - Kitgard (João M. Horta)
B&W Extreme Contrast
Baiser sympathique
B&W with a twist (less sharpen) v. 1.0
B&W Medium Contrast
shittyHDR - dl
B&W Medium Contrast
Canon EOS 650D
D7100-Basecurve Vivid 2.0 - Kitgard (João M. Horta)
D7200 "landscape" basecurve
Aerial Emerald
D7200 "vivid" basecurve
Efecto Oliveras
Desaturado rojizo
D7100-Basecurve Landscape-6 - Kitgard (João M. Horta)
B&W with a twist (more shapen) v. 1.0
City In Flames
B&W Platinotone sharp
B&W High Contrast
Freaky Details
Aerial Emerald
60s image
Deep Yellow Brown
Deep Purple
Dramatic Tone
Efecto Orton 1.1
B&W tuned v.1.1
contrast-neutral - Caspar Ström
Graphics Card Error
vintage_orange-teal - dl
art color erosion
color vintage with a twist 1.0
Black and White Drama
B&W tuned v.1.0
Cold Russian
Faded tones v2
Hdr 2
Crisp warm
01 - Faded tones v4 - ISO600
Cloudy Morning Soft Light
Fake Technicolor 2 Strip
B&W light sharp contrast
pixtolero - Hawai Five-O - Medium - pixtolero
Color Film 200
Chocolate Shadows
B&N radical 1.1
Contrast Dream 0EV
Earlybird 1.1
Color Faded Film
Black-and-White-Lessinia - rossomoto
Hand colored
0001 - Mirco DW Hi-ISO
B&W High Contrast ISO400
Envellecida 1.1 Enfoque forte
Fake HDR
food shadows hdr
B&W noir v.1.0
Fashion Magazine CB v4
Cold Russian
Canyons - dl
D7100-Basecurve Standard
pixtolero - Hawai Five-O - Strong - pixtolero
Cold Russian
Fake HDR Starter
F-ish v1
B&W Soft Bright and Dark
Bland Yellow Push
Envellecido 1.1 Enfoque suave
Architecture: dark contrast, edgy, faded, sharp
B&W High Contrast ISO400 - Rodnei Reis
pop! - dl
pixtolero - Hawai Five-O - Light - pixtolero
01 - Faded tones v4 - ISO600
HDR Landscape Sunny Blue Sky for Nikon v2
Nikon_D3100_Standard - Norman Schülke
Film - color with a twist v.1.0
Dense B&W
Sunny Woodland Morning - dl
Nikon_D3100_Neutral - Norman Schülke
Graphics Card Error - leography
Earlybird MOD Analog TV Edges
Graphics Card Error
Nikon_D3100_Portrait - Norman Schülke
Nikon_D3100_Landscape - Norman Schülke
Old - Bruno de Souza Leão - Bruno de Souza Leão
B&W tuned v.1.1
Cloudy Morning Soft Light - dl
Foto Antigua
Dark and Moody - dl
Nikon_D3100_Brilliant - Norman Schülke
Crisp warm -
Fake HDR Starter - Rodnei Reis
B&W-Gritty - Luc More
food shadows hdr - G.T. Photography
oly_ooc_neutral 1.2
Color Faded Film - Luc More
low light portrait - G.T. photography
Oly_PM_Portrait - Norman Schülke
Oly_PM_Natural - Norman Schülke
Oly_PM_Muted - Norman Schülke
NiiX's style #1 - Niixtek
EQ+Denoise+HotP - Matt Eastwood
HK monochrome 49 - johannes hanika after an iop draft by wolfgang mader
HK monochrome 24 - johannes hanika after an iop draft by wolfgang mader
t3mujin - Fuji 160C
t3mujin - Fuji Pro 160C - João Almeida
t3mujin - Fuji Pro 800Z - João Almeida
t3mujin - Fuji Provia 400X - João Almeida
t3mujin - Fuji Pro 400H - João Almeida
t3mujin - Fuji Provia 100F - João Almeida
t3mujin - Kodak Portra 800 - João Almeida
t3mujin - Kodak Portra 160 - João Almeida
t3mujin - Kodak Kodakchrome 200 - João Almeida
t3mujin - Kodak Kodakchrome 64 - João Almeida
t3mujin - Kodak Portra 400 - João Almeida
t3mujin - Fuji Velvia 50 - João Almeida
t3mujin - Kodak Kodakchrome 25 - João Almeida
Desaturado rojizo
Desaturado rojizo - Juan Luis Fernández Gallo
Fani - matijakolaric
HDR Look - Medium - darktable-fr
Bland Yellow Push - darktable-fr
lighter fix - Bo Pluys
lighter fix
HDR Look - Light - darktable-fr
Red Max Payne Effect - darktable-fr
HDR Look - Strong - darktable-fr
The 300 Look - Soft - darktable-fr
The Richard Avadon Effect - VIC ROMÁN
Chocolate Shadows - darktable-fr
The 300 Look - Strong - darktable-fr
Lomo's Effect - darktable-fr
ReveladoBaseM10 - GBombadil
Impossible Third Man Records attempt - VIC ROMÁN
Point-sellier - Tithouan
Ilford Delta 100
The20s - darktable-fr
Wedding Day - darktable-fr
Vintage - darktable-fr
Deep Yellow Brown - by LePixtolero
Industrial Effects - Colour and Light - AliciaTransmuted Art and Photography
Industrial Effects - Darkness and Light - AliciaTransmuted Art and Photography
City In Flames - by Le Pixtolero
Red Selective - Le Pixtolero
Industrial Effects - Shadow and Light - AliciaTransmuted Art and Photography
Bland Yellow Push v1.0 - Le Pixtolero
Sin City Look - Le Pixtolero
Infected - Le Pixtolero
Clarity - AliciaTransmuted Art and Photography
Ilford PAN 400 - Piotr Hajduga (
Recover an overexposed image and tone it down - AliciaTransmuted Art and Photography
Baiser sympathique - loic.v
B&W light sharp contrast - AliciaTransmuted Art and Photography
Dexter - Le Pixtolero
suppress color blotches - Johannes Hanika
Jiero_Bright_Crystal_CHECK - archl
LAB Saturation mod v1 - Rodnei Reis
Orient Express - Le Pixtolero
Fake HDR - Le Pixtolero
Mirco Klassisch - Mirco Iseli
Efecto Oliveras - Juan Luis Fernández Gallo
lford Delta 100 - Mirco Iseli
B&W with a twist (less sharpen) v. 1.0 - Francisco Cribari
HDR pop up Contrast & Textures v1.1 for Nikon - Rodnei Reis
NR & Sharpen for ISO640 - Rodnei Reis
base-xz1-normal - junkyardsparkle
Brown-Tan - Mirco Iseli
Ilford XP2 Super - Mirco Iseli
Ilford Delta 3200 - Mirco Iseli
Radical 2013 - Alberte Alonso
Envellecida 1.1 Enfoque forte - Alberte Alonso
Ilford Delta 400 - Mirco Iseli
SkinRetouch - Benja1972
Pastel Low Contrast v2 - Rodnei Reis
Blau-Gelb - Mirco Iseli
Film - color with a twist v.1.0 - Francisco Cribari
Sapphier Blau - Mirco Iseli
NR (strong) for blue sky with clouds - Rodnei Reis
Envellecido 1.1 Enfoque suave - Alberte Alonso
comic - Jaime Juan Suarez
Cyan-Sepia - Mirco Iseli
Pastel Low Contrast v.3 - Rodnei Reis
Ilford FP4 - Mirco Iseli
B&W noir v.1.0 - Francisco Cribari
Nashville - Juan Luis Fernández Gallo
color vintage with a twist 1.0 - Francisco Cribari
Faded tones v2 - Rodnei Reis
Kodak T-Max 100 - Mirco Iseli
datachrome64 - Pascal de Bruijn
Daido - Mirco Iseli
B&W tuned v.1.0 - Francisco Cribari
Dramatic Tone - José Carlos Casimiro
Portrait with a twist v. 1.0 - Francisco Cribari
B&W tuned v.1.1 - Francisco Cribari
F-ish v1 - Marco Bonomo
Kodak Tri-X 400 - Mirco Iseli
Sharpen EQ-HP v2 - Rodnei Reis
Redish - Juan Luis Fernández Gallo
Color Film 200 - Pascal de Bruijn
Sepia - Mirco Iseli
Blau-Orange - Mirco Iseli
Dense B&W - Mauro Bartoccelli
Fashion - Juan Luis Fernández Gallo
HDR Landscape Sunny Blue Sky - Nikkon - Rodnei Reis
Rodachrome S - Rodnei Reis
Fashion Magazine CB v4 - Rodnei Reis
Slightly vintage v.1.0 - Francisco Cribari
B&W Soft Bright and Dark - José Carlos Casimiro
D7200 "vivid" basecurve
D7200 "vivid" basecurve
HDR Landscape Sunny Blue Sky for Nikon v2 - Rodnei Reis
D7200 "flat" basecurve
Aerial Emerald
D7200 "landscape" basecurve
Retro elliptic gradient frame
Hdr 2 - 2112
Ilford Delta 100
Aerial Emerald
D7200 "vivid" basecurve
Hdr 2 - 2112
Ilford Delta 100 - Aurélien PIERRE
Canon EOS 650D
Nikon D5300 - Default - Aurélien Pierre