01 COLOR V1 - M
Aerial Emerald
Air - Merlin Dionisio
andastyle v2 - Kees Guequierre
Architecture: dark contrast, edgy, faded, sharp - AliciaTransmuted Art and Photography.
Base Line - Antoine Lambert
Black and White Drama - Valerio Orlandini
Black-and-White-Lessinia - rossomoto
BNW hardness - mrt89
boosted scenery - Dr Martin G Miller
bw - Gianluca G.
Canon EOS 650D
Canon|5DmIV Monochrome - Martin Straeten
Canon|5DmIV Neutral - João Almeida
Canon|5DmIV PStudio - Martin Straeten
Canon|5DmIV Standard - Martin Straeten
Canon|M6 Neutral - Martin Straeten
Canon|M6 PStudio - Martin Straeten
Canon|M6 Standard - Martin Straeten
Christian Schulze-Landscape Sunny Day Pop - Christian Schulze
Christian Schulze-Portrait
Color Film 200
D7100-Basecurve Standard
D7200 "flat" basecurve
D7200 "landscape" basecurve
D7200 "vivid" basecurve
D750 - hduenas
Desaturado rojizo - Juan Luis Fernández Gallo
dramatic sunset - Dr Martin G Miller
Efecto Oliveras
Elite Kodak - Szymanski
Foresta-smooth - Timo Salola
Graphics Card Error - leography
Hdr 2 - 2112
HDR Landscape Sunny Blue Sky for Nikon v2
HK monochrome 24 - johannes hanika after an iop draft by wolfgang mader
HK monochrome 49 - johannes hanika after an iop draft by wolfgang mader
Hong Kong - Felix Cobos
ILCE-7RM3_ISO100_s200_JPG - Bogdan Hlevca
Ilford Delta 100
Impossible Third Man Records attempt - VIC ROMÁN
Industrial Effects - Colour and Light
Industrial Effects - Darkness and Light - AliciaTransmuted Art and Photography
Industrial Effects - Shadow and Light - AliciaTransmuted Art and Photography
Init-Pop w/Filmic, Amaze, Vibrance
Init-Portrait Pop with Filmic, Amaze, Split Toning - Christian Schulze
IR infrared conversion test - Glen Diamond
Jiero_Bright_Crystal_CHECK - archl
Kodak_Color_200_Szymanski - Szymanski
Lichter en scherper
lighter fix - Bo Pluys
Masashi Wakui Look
Michaels Vintage Effect - Michael from MyGimpTutorialChannel
Moriyama 1
N&B base mod + orton 25% - Thierry Chabot
NiiX's style #1 - Niixtek
Nikon D5300 - Default - Aurélien Pierre
Nikon_D3100_Brilliant - Norman Schülke
Nikon_D3100_Landscape - Norman Schülke
Nikon_D3100_Neutral - Norman Schülke
Nikon_D3100_Portrait - Norman Schülke
Nikon_D3100_Standard - Norman Schülke
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Monotone_green - Norman Schülke
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Monotone_red - Norman Schülke
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Muted
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Natural - Norman Schülke
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Portrait
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Vintage_2 - Norman Schülke
Oly_OM-D EM5 II_Vivid - Norman Schülke
oly_ooc_neutral 1.2
Oly_PM_Muted - Norman Schülke
Oly_PM_Portrait - Norman Schülke
ReveladoBaseM10 - GBombadil
Shanghai - Felix Cobos
sony - vic
Summer Nature
The Arcade - BlakeO
The Richard Avadon Effect - VIC ROMÁN
The20s - darktable-fr
Type polaroïd - Merline
Vintage Warm - Felix Cobos
Vintage_BW - Roberto Abella
Warm B&W Film - Pascal de Bruijn
warm portrait - Sergio Moreno