01_NWAL_Basics_settings - wanicophotos
BNW hardness - mrt89
Christian Schulze-Landscape Sunny Day Pop - Christian Schulze
N&B base mod + orton 25% - Thierry Chabot
Christian Schulze-Portrait
Greens - qrpyna
Cliched-IG - qrpyna
Centre by night
Init-Pop w/Filmic, Amaze, Vibrance
Init-Pop w/Filmic, Amaze, Vibrance - Christian Schulze
Init-Portrait Pop with Filmic, Amaze, Split Toning - Christian Schulze
Init-Portrait with Amaze, Split Toning - Christian Schulze
Init-Sunny Day Pop w/Bright Pastel Colors - Christian Schulze
bw - Gianluca G.