0 - Meu Ektar 100
Cliched-IG - qrpyna
"The 300" Look
Greens - qrpyna
Oll_Yell - ollnasci
Washed Out
andastyle v2 - Kees Guequierre
Faded Thrones
0 - Meu Ektar 100
Wedding Fairy Tale
BNW hardness - mrt89
The Ultimate Fighter
Washed Out
Washed Out - TiZa
HDR pop up Contrast & Textures v1.1 for Nikon
Retro_00 - Roberto Abella
Vintage_BW - Roberto Abella
Strong_Pop - Roberto Abella
Strong_Pop_BW - Roberto Abella
B&W Extreme Contrast
vintage_orange-teal - dl
Baiser sympathique
City In Flames
Deep Yellow Brown
B&W tuned v.1.1
Black and White Drama
B&W tuned v.1.0
Hdr 2
Cold Russian
Desaturado rojizo
Freaky Details
B&W light sharp contrast
D7100-Basecurve Standard
Crisp warm
Fake HDR
food shadows hdr
pixtolero - Hawai Five-O - Medium - pixtolero
Cold Russian
Bland Yellow Push
pop! - dl
pixtolero - Hawai Five-O - Strong - pixtolero
Architecture: dark contrast, edgy, faded, sharp
Cold Russian
HDR Landscape Sunny Blue Sky for Nikon v2
pixtolero - Hawai Five-O - Light - pixtolero
Film - color with a twist v.1.0
B&W tuned v.1.1
Crisp warm -
Desaturado rojizo - Juan Luis Fernández Gallo
Desaturado rojizo
Bland Yellow Push - darktable-fr
HDR Look - Medium - darktable-fr
Fani - matijakolaric
Red Max Payne Effect - darktable-fr
lighter fix - Bo Pluys
lighter fix
HDR Look - Strong - darktable-fr
The 300 Look - Strong - darktable-fr
Wedding Day - darktable-fr
B&W light sharp contrast - AliciaTransmuted Art and Photography
Baiser sympathique - loic.v
HDR pop up Contrast & Textures v1.1 for Nikon - Rodnei Reis
Pastel Low Contrast v2 - Rodnei Reis
Film - color with a twist v.1.0 - Francisco Cribari
Pastel Low Contrast v.3 - Rodnei Reis
B&W tuned v.1.0 - Francisco Cribari
B&W tuned v.1.1 - Francisco Cribari
datachrome64 - Pascal de Bruijn
HDR Landscape Sunny Blue Sky - Nikkon - Rodnei Reis
HDR Landscape Sunny Blue Sky for Nikon v2 - Rodnei Reis
Hdr 2 - 2112
Hdr 2 - 2112
Nikon D5300 - Default - Aurélien Pierre
Nikon D5300 - Default
AndabataStyle - Kees Guequierre
00001 - Creamy Portrait
warm portrait
Architecture: dark contrast, edgy, faded, sharp - AliciaTransmuted Art and Photography.
Smooth B&W - Felix Cobos
00001 - Creamy Portrait - Le Pixtolero
Freaky Details - Juan Luis Fernández Gallo
Vintage Warm - Felix Cobos
Black and White Drama - Valerio Orlandini
warm portrait - Sergio Moreno